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Should Musa Play as Dual Blader when Succession?
LoongGau 2021-10-06 20:15
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Edit Date : 2021-10-06

Hi Guys.

I'm a fan of Musa because he is using blade and his animation is look good.

The thing I created this post because I want to raise my opinion about Tiger Blade, the cool skill of Musa.

Why did we create this skill? It very less uses in game because of hard to play in tiger blade mode. So, Let Musa has more mobility I have 2 options:

1. Tiger Blade is a State can be trigger with the unique condition. When Musa is going to tiger blade mode. He can cancle skill and using other skill in immidiately mean in this state he faster, more damge, more accurracy, decreased skill cooldown. (Boring Musa)

2. Tiger Blade is an other Blade let musa can be play as Dual

      If Musa is not succession yet, this skill has a limited time to use and can be triggered with the unique condition.

      If Musa is succession yet, this skill will be triggered with the easier condition, Musa will play whole of skills he has, also prime skills too. In Dual Blade mode he has different animation to show (let player more interested in). the cost for using Chaser skill will take more than the normal state; however, Musa have more skills to counter, protection and more damage to the monster and player.


The Big thing I saw If we can do this Musa is cool to play. The main of Musa is wind, right. So The animation of musa should be smoothly more. Some actions is not good it's make Musa try to use those skills not make the combo smoothly.

Character Name LoongGau
Main Character Hashashin
Lv 61
The post was deleted.
FeedbackTopicShould Musa Play as Dual Blader when Succession?

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