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Leveling To Artisan Training For Auto Sprint
Donezo1 2021-10-08 23:55
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Hello Adventurers,

Donezo here with another guide this time about how to get your training level to artisan in the fastest method to get auto sprint option for your horse. 

For this you would have to capture wild horses and registering them in stable which will give you the most amount of training experience.


Materials Required for Capturing Horse 


1. Capturing ropes (Which can be purchased from stable NPC)

2. Lump of raw sugar (Can be made by Heating 10 raw sugar with 1 Mineral water)


Experience Buffs


As you are pushing for Artisan Using Experience scrolls and draughts Etc will ease up the process significantly


1. Life Skill mastery scroll 

2. Caphras journal Life Book 

3. Verdure Draught 

4. Seafood Cronmeal 

5. Sealed book of life (optional)

And any other scrolls or buffs that give life skill experience boost.


Locations For Capturing Horses 


There are many spots in the map the capture horse like the Spot near Altar Imps and the one in Tungrad forest and Multiple spots near Duvencrune

But the spot Im gonna highlight here is near Glish where there is a rotation of horses you can capture in minimal time. 


Spots near glish


You can rotate around the three spots marked in the Image and capture horses after capturing all the horses you can swap to another server and rotate back around to power level you training to artisan. and dont forget to register your mount in the nearest stable as it will give you the boost of experience.


Horse Capturing Tutorial




While capturing Horse i generally use double Trainer's clothes to make the process easier 

The Trainer's clothes bought from Luxury vendor can be converted as costume by using tailoring equipment coupon



Hope this guide will help you guys in getting your Auto Sprint. 

Have fun leveling your Training to Artisan

Thanks :)



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