Update Node War to reward Node War attendance
DaNecromancer 2021-10-20 14:13
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Today latest update for nw, is nice for those who participate. But its still rewarding the GM and few 1% in the guild.

Nonetheless it is still making members contributing to war work like slaves. Beside low guild salary of upto 5M, and some puny bonus given by gm, it aint worth it

Wht we 99% do is helping guild to be better and getting good buff, but theres no incentive for 99% in the guild to remain loyal, hence the attendance in nw is lacklustre, after spend all elixir and time for war effort just for Guild to be richer, its like capitalism. only few will enjoy. Or onlyGM and his few gangs sniping fort hence spoiling nw scenario for war enthusiasms from snipers. 

Tell me as 99% , will you fight for guild who enrich themselves. We are not the dumbest like previous guildmates of 20th century players who spend time and money for loyalty. 

Either make war attendandees and contribution via auto pay with equal tax payment after war. Resplendent shining medals wont be enough. Think of something, rewards for damage players ( killing or attacking hits ), more tax for highest nw tiers, more tax payment for those participating war with tier damaging ( to prevent afk in war), etc , just to ensure individual players gets more rewards if guild cant give much . At the end its all about individual rewards for those contribute. not GQ. and publisher can do somehting how to rewards war players to remain loyal to nw / siege guilds via benefits. Also punish the top siege/ nw guilds with heavy tax s the higher they win, the worst they get tax penalty. in order to gve GM challenge to maintain guilds. Im sure PA team can make out of this ideas, as every updates is enriching GM and guild only. Not for individual player and their rights .

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