[RGB] What is between pink and purple ?
Aery 2021-11-03 17:07
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Edit Date : 2021-11-03

It's always been a challenge to look for the correct shade so that it feels right

It may not even matter that some people who think they look the same, but with this new palette, there's no longer limits, no longer boundaries......


The only limit is your imagination and creativity!

IMage 2


Bonus : Just to show how easily one can change ( previous palette won't have this Navy Blue, and maroon shade )


Character Name Aery
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Edit Date : 2021-11-03

Comments / Feedback welcome~

Character Name Aery
Main Character Witch
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Edit Date : 2021-11-24

Firstly, congratulations Catzy!


You have clearly shown the limitless possibilities and creativity that the new RGB palette have provided! I can clearly seen the dedication that you have place in designing your characters and giving them a personality of their own.

Hope to see more in the future!! 

Character Name YozoraNao
Main Character Lahn
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# 4
Edit Date : 2021-11-24

I like the way you chose the eyes color, it remind me about my favorite characters.

Thank you for all the hard work.

I love it :3

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FeedbackTopic[RGB] What is between pink and purple ?

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