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Machiavelli#2: How to Make Friends and Win People
DemonKingSHIKI 2021-12-19 15:56
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Say you're in a guild now, if you followed my first article, part 1 of the Machiavelli series, then the guild that you would have joined is a friendly upcoming and growing guild. Now, it doesnt really mean you need to join a guild. You could make your own guild, but that will have a longer process. When you've joined a guild, usually they give you a warm welcome, most of the time its either the inviter or a friend from within the guild that would introduce you to them. IF they dont initiate an introductions you can start by casually saying "hi guys"or "hello, thanks for the invite" For the first few weeks work towards casually conversing with your new guildmates and gaining their trust. When conversing with your guildmates, make sure your replies are casual. AVOID being overly hyper when chatting with your guildmates, also AVOID being too cold or rigid when conversing with them. 
"Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves"
- Dale Carnegie, How To Win Friends and Influence People

Listening is a very poweful skill, when you listen more and make the other person do more of the talking, it makes you look like you are interested in what they have to say. So here is tip #2, when conversing with your guildmates or people on general, let them talk most, dont interrupt them. If you have any questions or comments do so after they're done with their statements. 

"Don’t criticize, condemn or complain" 

When you see someone saying something you tend to disagree with, dont point it out. Opt for a more non confrontational way. The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it. Complaining makes it look like you lack patience. Call attention to people’s mistakes indirectly and if you feel like you have to criticize remember to Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing the other person.  By doing so, it makes it look like you're not any better than them. To call out someone's mistakes indirectly means to avoid saying "You're wrong" Show respect for the other person’s opinions. Never say, ‘You’re wrong’. So for example a guildmate mistakes answering a questions about a boss spawn time or anything related. Instead of telling them "No" or "You're wrong" you tell them "Yeah, Kzarka is spawning soon, we have boss timer in discord, 3pm right?" By doing so, your guildmate wont lose face and will restate his statement. Remeber  to Use encouragement. Make the fault seem easy to correct. My friend Machiavelli tends to avoid arguements by descalating the friction and by actually emphatizing to the other person. Whether he does really feel empathy or just doing it to avoid a conflict, is another question for another day.

Ofcourse these tips aren't only limited in guildchats, you can use this in World Chat or Group Chat. I often see people arguing in Lunar Halo Inn Chat for the smallest of all things, and mostly it happens cause of small misunderstandings and ego clash. Descalating friction can be challenging, but the reward is better than making enemies. This is it for part 2 of the Machiavelli series.

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At last a philosophica topic.. with a hearfelt motive. Keep it up.

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