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Gathering power level
DrunkenPanda 2021-12-20 03:24
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Hello Adventurers,


Starting out cooking\gathering lifeskill and noticed that it takes forever to level up your gathering mastery while you gather Meat ? Worry not , using this guide you can hit Master in gathering in no time. As you all know already the higher the mastery the better and i am not gonna go into details on that in this guide. 


First lets get all the items that is gonna help us get to master fast. Get all the life skill clothes , accessories and atleast a tet loggia hoe if you dont have it worry not you can head out to Northern wheat plantation node manager and exchange 50 CP to get Leight's Hoe. Its a lot of CP but you can always get the CP back by returning this after you have hit Master in gathering. Leight's Hoe has stats equivalent to tet loggia Hoe


Leight's Hoe

Now lets head down to Behr and this step is optional but highly recommended.

Get the Behr 6 house and place a storage container so that we can drop all the items that we gather there else we would need to run all the way to Trent so if you have CP to spare get the residense and place a storage container ,optionally a bed and a cooking\alchemy utensil this way you can recover your energy by either one of those options.



Now lets pop all the life skills buff you have like Verdure draft , Perfume of swiftness , life skill if mastery and any other stackable buffs you have.






Run past these guards and the first tree to the left after the large boulder is where you start the rotation and you work your way up till the Bridge then from the other side of the road and back to where we started. This is the fastest way to level up your gathering till you hit master. You can either sell all the herbs you get in the Market or you can use them in Alchemy.


Dont forget to use the bed or do cooking\Alchemy in Behr when you run out of energy.


Do PM me if you have any doubts on this .

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