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Suggestion for item upgrade
Hoshigami 2022-01-08 13:56
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# 1
Edit Date : 2022-01-08

Yoooooo, newbie or rather, oldbie, just that dunno how to play properly. xD

Currently have 4b silvers and planning to upgrade AP related stuff though am not sure which one should go.

My equipment as of now:

Liverto Battle Axe TRI
Dandelion Jordun TRI
Kutum shield DUO
Ulti Grunil armor set TRI

2 Mesto Earring TET
2 Kagtum Submission ring TRI
Scarla Necklace TET

AP - 191
Awakening AP - 193
DP - 272

Am thinking of buying either Blackstar Battle Axe TRI or a Blackstar Jordun TRI. Not sure which is more better when it comes to more dmg or maybe other equipment. Would be happy if you guys can help me on this! <3 Stay safe ya'll!

Character Name Hoshigami
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 58
# 2
Edit Date : 2022-01-08

buying tri blackstar for your current gear doesn't seem worth it imo. You can progress pretty quickly right now if you create season character which you can have tuvala gear (full pen equals tet boss gear) and tuvala accesories (full pen equals tri yellow accesories).

Character Name SageLovesLadies
Main Character Sage
Lv 61
FeedbackTopicSuggestion for item upgrade

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