Black Star Gear Killed my 4 year long streak.....
Avezza 2022-03-29 03:23
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Edit Date : 2022-03-29

Well here we are at the end of the tunnel.......

Just left my guild and unistalled the game.

Love the game but over the past 3 weeks it´s just been killing me.

Tried to enhance Black Star Glowes to TET more than 35 times it failed.

Started with 110FS and now im at 248FS and it still did not go up to TET.

Have been struggeling with mass of magic also,even tho i have both nodes and get some while im farming.

Really thought i would get it today 28/3 but no shoot.

Stats for the humble ive spent over 2000$ at the game.......even tho i told myself that i would try to play it as cheep as possible.

Had some amazing years with this game so i will take the good times with me in my thoughts.

Cheers to everybody and keep up the farming.!!


Regards; Tundrid the Warrior



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FeedbackTopicBlack Star Gear Killed my 4 year long streak.....

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