Archer damage mitigation/Defense
GorThraghon 2022-05-08 15:51
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Edit Date : 2022-05-08

Suggestion: Please Improve Archer Defense values by adding a defence passive skill or skill effects.


Archer still lacks defense stats that makes the class almost impossible to play in high damage spots like Ash forest, Oluns valley etc that other classes in the game can do without any issues using the same gear. And even on the Elvia spots Archer cannot be played with the recommended DP since you get killed easily by monsters in the spot , this is not fair to the class since other classes can do the same damage without having any defence issues using the same gear. This was one of the most asked things by most players during the Archer reboot but no changes were made during the reboot. At high AP ranges no matter the DP value the class also dies from 2 to 3 skill damage from most classes in pvp. Archer really needs that DP passive or some defense buff effect on skills. Because the Archer lacks in defense values new players move away from the class since there are other classes that can do the same or more damage than Archer with good defense stats using the same gear.

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FeedbackTopicArcher damage mitigation/Defense

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