Cannot download the patch Client
Myzt 2017-11-01 21:50
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# 1
Edit Date : 2017-11-01

What happen with this patch?
I was downloading with normal speed, until I got 4GB downloaded file and suddenly my speed dropped to 0.01MB/s, I tried to exit the launcher and re-opened it again and I can't download the patch client...
My internet is totally fine (you can see it in speedtest), I can download with full speed from g-drive, but it keeps failing to download the patch client....
Please help...

Nickname Myzt
Main Character -
fixed? i have the same problem
2017-11-01 23:01
same prob
2017-11-02 10:51
ya i have same problem -_-
2017-11-02 13:45
still not fixed :( i send a ticket on CS, they say "Answered" but when i clicked the Title it doesn't have a page content :/
2017-11-02 19:17
still not yet fixed??
2017-11-15 19:38
same here :(
2017-12-30 08:40
Seriously i hope they give this a fix
2018-01-20 14:03
same here, any solution for this issue?
2018-01-30 14:06
same here
2018-02-04 08:50
still the same to the new up date guys...
2018-02-08 20:36
Manual patch didnt work too
2018-02-16 17:26
potang ina this game this is 4rt time i reinstall the game always error error and error. when when can you fix this matter how long???????? take a super maintenance to fix this.
2018-03-03 21:27
same here
2018-03-16 20:13
this game is so nice,
each update, must patch its error
2018-04-14 20:15
i have this problem now, please? anyone fixed this? I sent a ticket still no reply
2018-12-22 19:49
# 2
Edit Date : 2017-11-15

any fix to this problem? i wanna download before buying a package

Nickname SinXcross
Main Character -
2018-01-20 14:03
don't know. Mine still "NO".
2018-01-24 22:05
# 3
Edit Date : 2018-01-27

I'm having this weird problem though? i tried deleting the whole pearl abyss folder in my C:drive and launching the bdo launcher again and it still doesnt work. not sure if its their side of the issue.

Character Name Merida
Main Character Ranger
Lv 1
me too
2018-04-23 10:28
me too and im new to this game. i already play this game like a week but suddenly this happened
2018-06-18 14:48
same as mee
2018-10-31 22:58
# 4
Edit Date : 2018-01-28

Please fix this or do a tutorial or do something that we, who has the same problem, can play this game. I already hyped about this game, but when I felt like this, I think I just being fooled to spend my money. I just wanted to enjoy the game, like the other players. So please to all the developer of this game, fix this...


Regards, fellow gamer

Nickname Cameo67
Main Character -
I have the same issue, any solution for this?
2018-01-30 14:05
# 5
Edit Date : 2018-02-08

Character Name Amado
Main Character Warrior
Lv 51
I already downloaded the patch manually and pasted it on the patch_temp folder and nothing happens..still stuck at 1%
2018-02-08 21:07
same prob
2018-02-09 12:46
If you followed the steps, give it a couple of minutes to patch, it wont need to download it just needs to install it.
2018-02-12 23:25
FeedbackTopicCannot download the patch Client

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