BDO SEA on steam?
Maya 2017-11-07 12:22
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Edit Date : 2017-11-07

Just saw BDO SEA on stream with nov. 16, 2017 as it's launch date. Do pre-purchased accounts get to ____link to steam? 

*Edit it was SA not SEA. My apologies.

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how can BDO SEA launch at 16november 2017 when CBT start at 22november 2017?
Pliss before you post something do a google.
2017-11-07 12:34
Before saying that to other people why don't you actually try and search steam and look at it's release date? Not every one is as obnoxious as you.
2017-11-07 12:56
its SA not SEA
2017-11-07 13:21
you mean this SA not same as SEA you know that right @Maya? maybe you should learn how to google next time before asking. LoL
2017-11-07 15:56
SA not SEA!
2017-11-07 16:14
Its SA not SEA I did glance it as SEA at the first time but yeah its South America.. BR's home.
2017-11-07 17:43
Just saw it. It was SA not SEA my apologies.
2017-11-07 22:04
we hope there would be the SEA one in steam tho :)
2017-11-11 14:37
FeedbackTopicBDO SEA on steam?

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