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Sidd 2017-11-12 15:56
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Welcome to the Official Destroyers Guild Recruitment Page.


We are a hardcore PVX Guild, Looking to take on all challenges while providing a fun and family-like atmosphere. While we strive to continue to improve on oneself while working together as one. Destroyers is a base for players from different servers. By sharing experiences, finding new friends or foes and through combining our experiences we're aiming to excel at all types of content the game can offer.

You can see all our requirements, what we can offer and we expect from them in the following __link: 
 Destroyers Official Page
 Destroyers Official Discord   

Nickname Sidd
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newbie asking, what is PVX?
2017-11-13 08:54
It means Player vs Anything. It is a mixture of PVP and PVE.
2017-11-13 11:26
@velika yeah same as what GIniMo told its a mixture of both :) bdo is a huge world why limit to only one thing.
2017-11-13 16:57
good thing
2017-11-13 22:39
shouldn't it be PV* because asterisk in programming means whatever you want to be.
2017-11-14 10:06
No because not every one is programming. X being a variable, is more commonly taught in math, hence more easy to remember. Besides, special characters is not very wise choice as a constant amirite?
2017-11-21 00:09
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Heya Guys :D 6more days for CBT it's exciting. See you all in the game soon.

Nickname Sidd
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