At least upload the full game file
Saraf 2017-11-13 11:38
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Edit Date : 2017-11-13

The launcher barely work at all and seeing the NA server also got similar problem before in the past, why P.A. doesn't try to solved this problem?

All the solution from changing DNS and disabling AV doesn't fix, the game download won't resume pass 1% and sometime it corrupted so I need to redo everything again.

If you can't pay for company server, Google Drive offer a free server where the user can download the full game client instead of struggling with launcher installer that barely work.

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2017-11-13 13:50
you know its only CBT , thats why they are asking for people to tell them whats wrong not?
2017-11-13 17:39
mine work fine, maybe its ur ISP
2017-11-13 22:32
I doubt these people also used the same ISP like me, this is launcher problem.
And steam version works just fine.
2017-11-13 23:58
FeedbackTopicAt least upload the full game file

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