Just curious about cbt client size
Eefy 2017-11-18 07:46
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Users can start downloading the CBT client when the character customization trial period ends.

We’d like to thank all the adventurers who have waited so long. Please keep reading for more details!


▣ Download CBT Client Early!


Those who played CBT or OB on other version, what is the total size of the client size BDOSea gonna be ?  Just wandering because the cbt length is too short for my slow arse internet ._. and i though the 20gb is the cbt client size


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you're right, CBT client is around 22gb. OBT/launch would probably be around 40gb
From what i read on official news the free download character customization client is not the cbt client. Please tell me im wrong, they even reschedule the event so people can download CBTclient early
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