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A Simple Guide On Dream Horses (Tier 9s)
Donezo1 2021-11-22 21:29
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Hello Adventurers,
ItsDonezo here back with another guide. This time we are gonna be focusing on Tier 9 Horses AKA Dream horses

In this guide Im gonna give you guys an outline on each dream horses and the advantages of them. And of course the method to get them.

Tier 9 Horses are obtained by enhancing Tier 8 Courser horses in specific stables. right now there are only 2 stables in the game to enhance a dream horse in.
Which are the stables in Stonetail Horse Ranch and Grana.

Types Of Dream Horses


There are three types of Tier 9 horses in the game right now 

1. Arduanatt: This horse is a winged horse which can glide in the air if you leap from High ground like mountains etc
2. Dine: The Dine horse is a supportive horse as it heals and gives DP buffs to your allys and with Dine you guys can also run in the Desert without getting slowed
3.Doom: The Doom horse is the offensive horse as it has multiple attacking abilities and is really useful in Node wars and PVPs

Materials Needed To Enhance Tier 9 Horses

There are two types of materials for each type of Dream horse 

Arduanatt- 1) Stonetail Fodder: These can be obtained from Farming crops and Breeding them instead of harvesting. While breeding you will get these materials which can be cooked into Stone tail fodders
                    2) Rainbow Gem Fruit: These can be obtained from Imperial horse deliveries and also by exchanging peridot petals which are obtained from Manshaum voodoo scrolls

Dine-          1) Breezy Conch Seaweed: Can be obtained as a rare drop during fishing or by exchanging imperial fishing Seals
                    2) Ferocious Spirit Pouch: Can be obtained by Butchering Hunting monsters like Khalks or Blue Whales

Doom-        1) Pure Forest Breath: This can be obtained from any Mobs while grinding as a rare drop but mostly available in Kamasylvia regions
                    2) Deep Hoof Root: 
This by far the easiest material to get in my opinion. as there can be exchanged using peridot leafs which are obtained from daily quests in Kamasylvia region (You can find these quests in the recurring tab as you can complete quests which gives you peridot leafs) and Rare drops while gathering.

Enhancing a Tier 8 Courser into a Dream Horse

As most other things in the game this also relies on your RNG as at your first Try you will have 1% chance to succeed and if you fail you will get +0.2% success rate for each failstack.
And you materials for that atttempt will be consumed if failed but if you use Cron stones you will retain half of the materials even if you fail so it is highly recommended to use Cron stones while you enhance your dream horses. each attempt will require 100 Cron stones.
And the Enhancement Stone for Dream Horse is Krogdalo Origin stone which can be obtained by using 25 Swaying wind shards and 25 Rumbling earth shards in simple alchemy
or can also be obtained by rare drops in kamasylvia grinding zones.

As for the Enhancing part You go to either of the two stables (Stonetail Horse Ranch or Grana) and remove all your horses equipment and check in

after you check in if you click on your courser horse inside your stable you will see a drop down in which there will be an option called courser training click on that.



After clicking courser training you will get a pop up of enhancement tab

After you divide the materials appropriately and bring the training percentage to 200% you just tick the Use crons and Tap and pray.

Thats it for this guide hope you guys get good RNG while you tap your own Dream Horses.
Thank you.


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