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Pavino Greko - Dreaded Blue Coral Earring
Kotonemi 2021-11-24 15:45
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Hello Adventurers and PVPers, 
I am sure most of you have been doing all your adventure logs diligently. Wait, You haven't? I guess there needs to be a guide on why you should. Which will be in the future. For now let's talk about an Infamous Journal, The Pavino Greko Collection. It is a very expensive journal to do but trust me it is worth it. In the final chapter, there are various accessories that you need to hand over to the NPC most of which you can buy off the Central Market. Except for, Of course, DUO Shultz Necklace and TRI Blue Coral Earring.

If you are gonna go through the regular route you Need to grind Mediah(Shultz Gladiator, Manes etc) to get Shultz Necklace. And so far I haven't found any new methods to obtain this one so good luck either grinding or winning it from the Central Market. 

As for Blue Coral Earring, There are two spots you can Grind at. 
1. Pirate Island -  Yes, the spot from fame 4 years ago
2. Padix Island - Yes, It drops from Padix as well so if you have a partner and you want a Rich Merchant Ring grind, go ahead.

But here is where the guide begins. If you don't want to grind both of those spots for various valid reasons(Annoying being the primary one), There is an Equally Annoying but less effort method to do so. The solution is simple, Just gamble your way through Mysterious Earrings and use Crons. 

Step 1: Find the Nearest Blacksmith and buy Mysterious earrings. it is fine to just buy in bulk and open them till your slots fill in. You will be much better off if you use a character with lots of empty slots. 

Step 2: Now that you have stacked a lot of these in your inventory you just open them continuously and spam your space bar away. Your inventory might look something like this with each round of space spamming.

In an ideal world, you would sell all of these to get back a part of your money. But no one is gonna buy gear earrings so I personally just Sell them right back to the vendor I bought my mysterious earrings from. One other issue that you might face is this.

You just need to power through And remember you can press Spacebar to get Yes as well, So spam your right click and spacebar. 

Step 3: Repeat till a Miracle like this occurs. 

Step 4: Now that you have enough Blue Corals after hours of pressing the spacebar while sleeping on your keyboard. It is time to tap your TRI. Don't Be Stingy with your stack use 20/40/44 to be optimal for Pri, Duo, Tri Respectively. And the most important thing. Use Crons. It doesn't matter if you don't have any. Use crons unless you are someone who likes mental pain. The cron cost for this is very low compared to the rarity and the cost of the earring so always only tap with crons and keep trying your best. 

Step 5: You now have your TRI Blue Coral Earring, Go do the rest of the Journal. Happy grinding.

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