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Lifeskill links and discords.
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My top 3 Most used website resources.

1. - Very usefull website that has a detailed gear planner where you can input buffs also. Other features are grind spot trackers market watcher.


2. - Just as the name suggests , helps you keep track of world boss spawns. Will play background alerts before boss spawns.


3. - My most used website. Detailed information on BDO lifeskill market. Once you input your settings you can figure out important information like profit

per lifeskill action be it cooking/gathering/alchemy. Also helps you keep track of imperial cooking. Once you integrate this website into your lifeskill routine your efficieny will improve by a significant margin.


My top 3 Most used Discords.

1. Lifeskill Discord - - Lifeskill discord, contains detailed information and discussion on all the lifeskills in game. Has a lot of veteran lifeskillers sharing their wealth of knowledge.


2. Sailing Discord - - Lifeskill discord dedicated to  sailing including bartering , carrack progression and pvp.


3. Black Desert Horse Community - - Lifeskill discord dedicated to horse training and T9/T10 horse progression.

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