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Scorching Sun Shard & Gemstone
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Scorching Sun Shard is an ingredient used to craft and upgrade Godr Weapons.

Godr Weapons provide an alternative way to upgrade TET Blackstar weapons to PEN. Instead of one big upgrade from TET to PEN, Godr-Ayed Weapons provide 5 tiers to get from TET to PEN.



Scorching Sun Shard:


  • 10 are required to obtain 1 Godr Weapon
  • 1 is required for each Godr Weapon upgrade attempt
  • obtained in Elvia Calpheon
    • daily, weekly, and other quests
    • rare drop from all Calpheon Elvia grinding spots

Ingredient in Scorching Sun Crystal

You will need 10 Scorching Sun Shards for each Godr Weapon.

This will allow you to craft 1 Scorching Sun Crystal, to obtain 1 Godr Weapon.


Processing (L) → Heating:

 30- Magical Shard

 10- Scorching Sun Shard (rare drop from mobs in Elvia Calpheon)

 100- Black Stone (Weapon)



Ingredient in Scorching Sun Gemstone

You need 1 Scorching Sun Shard for each each Godr Weapon upgrade attempt.

1 Scorching Sun Shard is part of a recipe to craft 1 Scorching Sun Gemstone.


Processing (L) → Heating:

– Hard Black Crystal Shard
– Sharp Black Crystal Shard
– Scorching Sun Shard
– Mass of Pure Magic


— OR —


Processing (L) → Heating:

– Scorching Sun Shard
– Flawless Magical Black Stone


Obtaining Scorching Sun Shard

Scorching Sun Shard is obtained by quest and grinding mobs in Elvia Calpheon.

  • Rare Drop from Mobs
  • Daily or weekly kill quests
  • one-time once per family quest

Scorching Sun Shards via Quest

2 quests are available only once per Family.

Requires level 60 or higher character on an Elvia server.

  • Quest Name: “[Elvia] Darkness Upon the Saunil Battlefield”
  • Quest NPC: Trina Knights Scout Henley, the Saunil Camp node manager
  • Quest Reward: Scorching Sun Shard x20

There is also a quest line that gives 1. See details below.


Calpheon Elvia Quest Line

The Calpheon Elvia quest line starts with Black Spirit. It requires the Elvia Serendia quest line completion to obtain.


  1. [Elvia] What’s A-happening with the Ahib?
  2. [Elvia] Trembling Leaves
  3. [Elvia] Prelude to Corruption
  4. [Elvia] Darkness Cast Over Keplan
  5. [Elvia] Stolen Hopes and Joy
  6. [Elvia] Minions of Hadum
  7. [Elvia] Rift of Despair
  8. [Elvia] Cause of Calamity
  9. [Elvia] Never Ganelle Give You Up
  10. [Elvia] Unwelcome Aid

Completing this quest line will open up two weekly quests for Scorching Sun Shards.

For more details on this questline, please see my Elvia Calpheon page.


Scorching Sun Shard Daily Quests

Repeatable daily quests in Elvia Calpheon will reward 1 to 5 Powder of Nightmare.


Powder of Nightmare x5 = Scorching Sun Shard x1


Also visit the city of Keplan, where there are two weekly quests that will reward 10 Powder of Nightmare each. (Requires main Elvia Calpheon quest line completion.)


Blackstone Powder can be used to make batches of 10.

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