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Wizard Lightstone Combination Choices PvE.
Aghanim 2022-06-24 12:22
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Edit Date : 2022-06-24

In this short guide I wanted to show you guys two things.

1. The Lightstone combinations that I value for wizard.

2. And why I value those combinations.


So let us break this down into specific usecases.


A) PvE - Grinding Lightstone combinations.

i) Basic Setup.

Basic Monster AP

This lighstone setup is the most simple setup you can run for monster AP. The slight problem with this setup is that it requires us to use an Iridescent Lightstone which is around 250m. Event though it is not super expensive there is a much cheaper and almost as good alternative out there.

This is the cheap alternative. For pve Extra AP against Monsters and Hidden AP are practically the same stat. This is just 1 ap less than the Wilds setup but you dont have to shell out 250 odd million for your Iridescent Lighstone.


ii) Upgraded Setup.


When you have enough money that you can afford better lightstone combinations and want to step up your PvE game then the following setup is the best in slot personally for me on a wizard.

Wizard skills do not have 100% crit rate on everything and I feel like this set is the one that performs on all spots equally well as none of the modifiers that it provides are sitiuational.


iii) Sitiuational Setup


This is a secondary upgraded setup, these setups are tuned to perform at a very specific grind spots.

This setup is for monsters that are Kamasylvia monsters specifically. It gives you more than double monster AP from other setup specifically in case you are killing Kama Mobs like Oluns/Gyfin etc.


These two setups are for specific grind spots where you can very reliably do down or back attacks on mobs. Example on Stars End breaking the crystal Knockdowns the mobs so the additional down attack might give you better results.


B) PvP Lightstone Setup

PvP lighstone setups changes according to your own gear and the enemy you are fighting at the time. Easiest way to think about lightstones is to take into account the combined stats of the artifact + lightstone and just imagine that it is an additional accessory slot.


i) Capped Siege/

For capped siege I am assuming that your gear caps all the stats already. If you are still unable to reach any of the relevant capped stats your focus should be on capping those.

Once you achieve that the most simple and the most consistent setup you can run is full HP. Hp is completely uncapped and the HP bonus from this setup is huge.


ii) Uncapped Content.

For capped content like I mentioned before the best way to choose lightstone is in accordance to your existing gear and using the lightstone setup as an additional accessory slot to fill in whatever is required.

Even so some setups standout to me more than others.


These are the two basic setups for pvp. These are relatively very cheap lightstone for the amount of stats that they give. The choice between the two depends on your gear and how much accuracy you are interested in hitting. It is a balancing act.


When you have more money and want to move towards some of the Best in slot setups, then you can consider the following.


Between the above two I personally prefer target openings rather than Skill master because Criticals are not sitiuational like the other modifiers and I would rather boost one modifier that is more consistent by a larger number than all the modifiers by a small margin.


One special setup for pvp that people might be interested in specially for a defensive setup is the following

This setup makes your Manashield extremely effective as it gives you an increased manapool. On top of that it also gives you some resisitance and a very decent amount of DR. (remember PEN NARCS are 5 DR each). The downside is that manashield has a 30 second downtime (1 min cd - 30 sec duration). But even then this is a very decent setup if you want to go defensive.


On the defensive side, if you are an evasion wizard you can consider running MindFocus also but there is an even higher evasion setup that is available. This is a very special setup because it will only be viable if you are at minimum full c20 evasion along with atleast 1 evasion accessory or evasion offhand.

The negative resistance is a tradeoff but in return you get 23 dr and 46 evasion. To make this setup work you need to be on point with your Super Armor rotations and have the gear to back it up.


All of the above screenshots are from lighstone index

You guys can go explore and see if you like some other setups or if they suite your usecase better.


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