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Musa and Maewha Ultimate Super Chase !
Freyara 2020-11-11 19:06
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Everyone must know about musa's and maewha's ability that makes them different than others and make musa and mae become the fastest class in BDO!!

yep it is the skill named chase


[RMB] + [W] OR [S]

This is your mobility skill and is a very important skill in the Musa skill kit. You should max it as early as possible. The skill has an iframe off cooldown and will give super armor if you use it on cooldown. It will drain your WP and stamina if you use it too much and leave you vulnerable. The skill has collision when moving fowards but no collision when using it backwards.


this skill can still even be faster if you do the cancel animation, and i named it ultimate super chase (sorry if it's cringe) lol but it is very very very fast XD
aight so now let's talk about how to do it
1. Make sure you have already learned the skill chase in your skill tab
2. Open your setting then go to the interface

3. The Action Hotkey will directly opened, and go all the way down you will see Evasion (WW)

4. Put any hotkey that you didn't use in the collumn, but i recommend use the mouse function (the button on the left side or right side your mouse)


After that go apply and now you are ready to do the ultimate super chase
now what you have to do is
Hold the hotkey that you input inside Evasion (WW) collumn and also hold LMB in your mouse


now your chase is super fast !! because it has no more stop between chases

you can watch this video if you prefer the guide via video type


Because this chase is super fast it also mean that your stamina is drained even faster too, so use it wisely !


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Edit Date : 2020-11-17

Finally a post on this 2 classes.


KK, warning noted, SUPPORTER Freyara

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FeedbackTopicMusa and Maewha Ultimate Super Chase !

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