How to Summon Axian (Nova Succ)
Freyara 2021-01-09 13:17
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i've seen so many people asking about this in Lunar Halo Inn.

so imma make guide about it.

It's actually pretty simple



1. make sure you already do the succession quest, and has unlock succession skill on the skill tree


2. Learn the skill Command : Passed pawn all the way to the Prime: Passed Pawn


3. Press Q to summon the pawn



4. after it has summoned press Shift + space



5. the pawn will be sacraficed into Axion


6. the axion will change into a small light orb and will follow you just like fairy, the axion will improve most of your skill especially your command skill.

you dont need to keep doing this, you can just do this once, but if you died, u need to re-summon it back.



Happy Axion-ing

Hu Ha !

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Edit Date : 2021-11-12
thanks a lot...i love u...i have been searching for this forever

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