Shai PVE Add-ons Suggestions
Kotonemi 2021-02-03 23:03
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# 1
Edit Date : 2021-02-03

Hello Shai Mains,
With the newest update today we have access to 6 add on slots now (Finally)
Here are the Add-ons that I am gonna be running. I don't suggest getting duplicates on Shai due to our skills being on such a low Cooldowns. And the HP recovery on every single skill is gonna help you survive way easier. If you are someone who only does group spots you can replace -4% evasion and -15 DP if your partner has skills that can effectively apply them but still, Shai has a way more reliable add-on up timer. 

Happy Grinding

Character Name Kotonemi
Main Character Shai
Lv 62
# 2
Edit Date : 2021-04-12
Thanks for getting this out there! I run the same second skill effects too and it really helps keep the loli alive.

Character Name Ladalilu
Main Character Shai
Lv 60
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