[Succession]Ranger: Tips for playing as Ranger
Watamechy 2021-08-27 16:10
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Welcome to my first Community post.


So you're here, asking for tips and trick to become a better ranger? Here are some of them

IMPORTANT: This tips and tricks guide are before the character reboot 2021 so some, if not, all of them might not be relevant anymore, and these tips are from me playing ranger for 3 years so yeah hope fully it will be beneficial for those that needed it


Tips No.1 for PVP: Ranger Is Squishy

First of all, Ranger is very squishy. This is due to lack of skill that give super armor and iframe( check google for Iframe definition for those who have no clue what iframe means). While there is a skill called Evasive explosion shot that have "iframe" most of the time it will not work. So instead of relying on Iframe and super armor, better fight from very far espically during large scale pvp such as nodewar and Red BattleField.


Tips No.2 for PVP/PVE: Always on the move

Since Ranger is very squishy, movement is very critical( You're not a mage that have iframe when charging skill ). Skill such as Evasive shot and Blasting gust will play an important role in deciding the winner in a fight espically PVP fight. Even in PVE, moving during a fight will be important especially when grinding in higher ap/dp spot such as mirumuk, Thornwood, Olun and so on.


Tips No.3 for PVP/PVE: Stamina

Stamina is very important to Ranger since most of her skill involve using stamina. I'm not saying that other classes do not use stamina, but ranger is one of the top classes that need Stamina mespically to maintain Evasive shot and Blasting gust. So increase stamina either by training or using Sweet Wild Berry Juice which you can get from event and guild shop. You can check this guide by Tansle for more info on how to increase your stamina: How to increase Breath (Stamina) & Health


Tips No.4 for PVP/PVE: Evasion Evasive Evade...

Use Evasion armor. By maximizing your ranger evasion stats, the chances of you getting attack when using Evasive explosion shot, Evasive shot and Blasting gust are very low, simple as that.


Tips No. 5 for PVP/PVE; Have fun

Have Fun playing as ranger, or else just Reroll to some other character.


Thats all from me( since I'm tired of typing). Maybe I'll add more next time

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