Give us back Echo Walk :(
Aegony 2022-01-22 03:00
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Edit Date : 2022-01-22

I do not understand why the reboot had to remove such an important feature for us Valkyries, who by the way, is still being referred to as the wheelchair class? And the reboot just had to go and make it obvious.


Echo Walk have been a part of Valkyrie's identity as a whole since its release. I don't know if it's just me, but after the reboot, playing Valk just doesn't feel right OR good anymore. I have always loved Valk, even before I learned how to Echo Walk, and I have only learned to love Valk even more after I learned it. It's almost like a whole part of what makes a Valk, a Valk, has been removed from its own core. I hope they give us back our very existence because at this point Valks are slowly becoming very much a rare breed of its own.



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FeedbackTopicGive us back Echo Walk :(

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