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Greetings Adventurers,


  Are you tired of guild conflicts? Have no groups to talk to? Toxic-free community? Unable to seek for help?
  Worry not as we are here to help! :D 

  Currently, Leafside Cabin is an International Discord Server that provides the BDO SEA Community with simplified/detailed guidances such as Tl;dr + Weekly Summarized Patch Notes/Updates, Codes & Event Guides, Valuable Documentations & also space for Content Creator to advertise their work with!
We are still looking to expand into future Self-Hosted Community In-game/Non-in-game Events for the BDO Side. We will also plan to have our own server mascot, emojis, posters, etc designed by able illustrators when we are ready.


Discord Server :

Roleless - You don't need role to view our update summary + codes & event guides.

Follow - You can follow those 2 channels mentioned above in your own server to get notified when there's an update. Just click on the "Follow" button as displayed below.

Join? - Of course you can still participate in the community chatteries, just follow the BOT's instruction & get started with :)

Participation (WIP) - Future Community-Hosted Event will require you to get your Public role in our Discord in order for you to participate in.



You can post a message below if you have any questions you'd like to ask, if not just simply copy & paste the discord link in your URL or type the codes in your discord.
Thank you & happy gaming!
Leafside Cabin πŸƒ

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Illenomnom is wholesome <3

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