Ephemer, one of the Ladies I know on BDO SEA
Veonya 2021-04-08 22:30
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There are no GIRLS on MMOs!


Just Guys IReal Life playing on BDO SEA they say..............


These are just a few of the extra ordinary ones I knew thru the SUPPORTER event and the guilds I been in.


Sorry ladies, I don't know you that well to write proper. If there's a mistake... forgive the dear 140 yrs old shai, ok?


There was a time players would have fun prior to World Bosses.... where head pats came aplenty... we had bonfire... we had chats... it doesn't matter where u were from, what level you were or whether we were at war... those brief moment on Heidel 1 server was fun time, catch up time. 


It was here many of us got to know each other on Heidel 1

This was where I met Eve as we call her fondly.


You can always find her at Kzarka, Karanda and always almost always at Offin those days.,,,,,,,,


Now I wonder if she's still in game.... as most of us do take long breaks from BDO and play other game like Genshin etc.


The group at Heidel One server loved each other so much, they created a discord group just so they can be with each other the whole day


Come, join the community!

Eve was our Queen of AoH as the group called itself.

And with her Velia roof on Heidel 1 was always with players............. MOSTLY SHAIS, it was called our Nursery then...

MORE photo on Reinswoth post here 


Thru Eve and her passion for all things beautiful... we had a lot of memories together




Just google Adventures of Heidel or join the discord... you will find aplenty


AND if you really know her. You will know how wonderful a friend she is..... she once created emojis for the core members of AOH


these are just some of them 


Ryuumon being the angry emoji

Our beloved MOMO (BrettSeven10) the huggies with Eve


Lin with his......... ook ook n nanas (Ty Ryuu, kek)


She did all the costume colour scheme for my Shai as well... painstakingly showing each and every colour... step by step...

To Eve, its never a simple BLUE...


Just an example when I asked for a Genshin Impact QiQi cosplay on my shai


see what I mean??


I guess we her friends are also true as her ways of showing thing...

We were each very special very different to her...

Not just a char, a fam name but a person an individual


She really knows you


I miss you, dear Ephemer.

Hope you are having fun on Genshin or ???

Each day I log on......... I still glance at the roof top...

Hoping maybe I see a SHAI named Vhiola...

But all I been seeing is just a roof.........





Thanks, Ephemer

Thru you I saw the colours of Bdo...


Toffee of Florin

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44 Minutes ago

dont forget NANAS!!!!!!


Character Name Veonya
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