TearlDrops, a dear Lady I know on Bdo SEA
Veonya 2021-04-11 06:11
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There are no GIRLS on MMOs!


Just Guys IReal Life playing on BDO SEA they say..............


These are just a few of the extra ordinary ones I knew thru the SUPPORTER event and the guilds I been in.


Sorry ladies, I don't know you that well to write proper. If there's a mistake... forgive the dear 140 yrs old shai, ok?


I remember being a guildie to her, I remember trying to find solutions as a Supporter in Feb on Bdocodex when I first saw the Fam name




she was still using a char named Cerendine in the guide... and wow, isn't that my Guildie on




Lee as we all fondly calls her can be very quiet, VERY very very QUIET ... till you light that Fire Cracker.......... till you really get to know her... you get the loudest bang!


AT that moment.... I think early Feb? Can't really remember... I was in an intense event for the 2nd season of Supporters... have wondered if only I had a fellow guildie with me..

so I DM her for the very very 1st time... 

that QUIET little fire cracker (is there such a thing?)


That was our 1st DM hehehe omg so official! Wait... did I just say BETTER PPL?


She was one of the best not just in the event... but the way she took care of us in our guild, as a friend even if you are just an acquaintance


She was our Senpai, our dear Fort Planters, our DEF TEAM, Fort knockers(repairs).......


our Human Resource taking care of recruitement, training, grooming.


errrr Cannon Team (river swimmer)


so much so many of our Guildmates call her MOM! Mama!




when they need anything! M O M!!!!!


Oh I did remind her... for the SUPPORTER season 03


and I saw another side of her 



and for those who have edited videos will tell you how much footage it takes for a 3 mins video... 

1. getting guildies together

2. getting guildies together in a nice spot

3. getting guildies together in a nice spot and taking turn to shot kekeke


This was the result of her work, I am sorry... I am kinda guilty in this I remember...



All these while still doing her Senpai + Mama duties... hey dont forget SUPPORTER event was a 90 days event before!


Guess I was a lucky one to have been near a Real Life Amazonian warrior 


A person that not only persistant but passionate with a purpose is frightening,

I am glad I didn't have to compete with her in season 03....

I am sure you would have done loads of helping to players those day.

The season had like the Queen of Lifeskills and Queens of Creative Contents plus ARABELLAH!


Its must have been one hell of a season!


I kinda took a 5 months break during these months due to many things including then known as the thing from wuhan

I didnt rush back to NMS upon return, but I rush to congratulate her.


Lee IS one of those players whom I know and yet know so little...


She doesn't announce anything she creates/post/draw


Never ever asked anyone including Guildies to see her posts


Definately no discord DM SPAMS to seek LIKE n VIews for her posts


(Ok maybe that one guildie named RemIsMyWaifu, he got no choice hahaha)


Nor does she ask for help on many things but will always come to yours

Non Toxic but will always come to a battle if needed


Too good to be true?

I think so too till the angel draws herself


One of the saddest thing I have experienced with her was losing her as a guildie

at the end of 2020

am glad 2020 wasn't so hard on her

the song in this has a double meaning I guess.

something I have kept in heart for many many many months


it finally happened!


Sorry for being in and out of your BDO, TearlDrops


when u have always been constant for most of us

especially ME


you were the anchor who guided me back to NMS


I hope now I can guide you back to smiles


I still hate your RNG


always have always will


Thank you always for being a CONSTANT for many of us


stop that Master crap!!!!!!!!!! arrrrrrgggg

Princess Loli~!


Toffee of Florin 


oo I found this!






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When I read this bit, I'm like, OMG I'm the opposite, except for the guildies part which I don't do.



Glad to be on the same Supporter season with you Tearl! And congrats on that top 10.



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