[RGB] Lahn Checkmate
Moonbreeze 2021-11-09 06:57
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Here is my RGB dye customization for Lahn's Checkmate outfit, which came out recently in the Pearl Shop.


The original color scheme of Checkmate was black and white, to reflect the chessboard.

I changed the scheme to be dark blue and light red, with gold and green accents.


I used R0 G0 B55 (Keplanian Dye) to create the custom dark blue color, as a base for my scheme.

I chose "[Valencian Dye] Brilliant Yellow" as a shiny gold accent for the metallic parts of the outfit.


I used R255 G200 B200 (Keplanian Dye) for the light red color, though it appears mostly white.

As seen in the screenshot above, this color has a different texture appearance on cloth, leather straps or the transparent netting.


I used R55 G255 B155 (Keplanian Dye) to create a 2nd accent color for the leafy and thorny looking parts of the outfit.


I used R255 G255 B255 (Valencian Dye) to create a shiny metallic look on the blade of the Crimson Glaives.


Another look of the dyed outfit from the back, with the cape turned off.

(Looks like the noble sword appearance has a bug, as there's still a sword in the scabbard even when drawn.)


Thank you for viewing.

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Edit Date : 2021-11-11

Falcon flexing skills as usual >:p Much attention to detail :3 Also u picked really nice textures xD

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