[RGB] Shai,Wizard,Witch - Semi Color Screenshot
ChillSabrina 2021-11-10 02:22
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Edit Date : 2021-11-10

BDO community can invent a hashtag title, or beauty template stored the rgb color info?


BDO's RGB dye system, it is the world first innovative costume dye experience. Some costume even demonstrate shadow, transparent features when dying with RGB. I am certainly look forward future, there is full support of transparent, and shadowing.

Especially weapon for Wizard have more realistism ice and fire from RGB, Witch also having transparent spear head




RGB Red and Pink 






Lord Red - RGB Black -
1. Hat Shadow,
2., Godr Sphera (Ice and Fire with RGB Color)



Tritch - Semi Transparent RGB (Staff - Spearhead)




Character Name ChillSabrina
Main Character Witch
Lv 54
# 2
Edit Date : 2021-11-10

Nice RGB for Ice sphere

Character Name HeavenGirl
Main Character Valkyrie
Lv 56
# 3
Edit Date : 2021-11-11

Godr Sphera looks absolutely sick!! Share the RGB codes plz > <

Character Name KIRARYNN
Main Character Valkyrie
Lv 62
# 4
Edit Date : 2021-11-13

@KIRARYNN Here the color code screenshot for Godr Sphera 

Character Name ChillSabrina
Main Character Witch
Lv 54
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