[RGB] Witch or Elementalist?
Aymee 2021-11-10 05:59
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Good day and welcome everyone!


First of all, when I started playing Black Desert Online, I was not comfortable calling my character's class as Witch. Most of the time, Witches are associated with someone who practices demonology, witchcraft, curses, and the likes. The Witches we have in the game, on the other hand, can cast spells that are based on the elements. Thus, in my opinion, they are better off to be called Elementalists. Because of this, I wanted to dye an outfit that fits on how I perceive my character.



Aymee, my character, specializes in ice and lightning spells. Based on her abilities, I decided to go with a blue-white dye combination. I chose Arcanis because it doesn't look like something a witch would wear and it also looks decent. I have always imagined Aymee as a doting mother and a caring wife with a reserved personality which is why Labreve and Kibelius is a big no for me.


As you can see on my screenshot, the Arcanis' base color is blue which represents the bright daylight sky. I dyed the cape white to represent the clouds. I like how to color made the outfit look "puffy" just like the clouds floating freely in the sky.


To create some contrasts, I used navy and midnight blue dyes on the gloves and shoes. These colors represent the midnight sky.


Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the result of my experiment. 

Character Name Aymee
Main Character Witch
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2021-11-10


Character Name ReikuDay
Main Character Lahn
Lv 61
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Edit Date : 2021-11-11

Elei looking extra liccable in Blue >w<

Character Name KIRARYNN
Main Character Valkyrie
Lv 62
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