My Idea For New Class
WarGrace 2022-05-12 19:59
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Dark Elvish Bloodmoon Asassin Templar

In history long forgotten Bloodmoon Elvish that serve The Elvish Queen during the Dark Ages where Humanity & Elvens at Elvish War.

A temple that train all Assassin Elvish Templar to fullfill their Queen orders and only serve under the Bloodmoon Elvish Queen, taking no mercy nor pity on carrying their duty to slaughter Humanity or Elvans.


Each Master Templar only have 1 Apprentice, once their Master felt, the Apprentice will take over her place and train their new Bloodmoon Elvish Apprentice to take their spot when they fall, total of 36 Master and 32 Apprentice that serve the Elvish Queen Orders. 4 master that doesnt deserve any Apprentice is bond to serve till they die and only replace by a Master Templar that been choosen given order to kill her own apprentice.


(According to the scenario, a Master Templar secretly ordering her Apprentice to the Dark Woods carrying order to become the Queen Personal Guard and choose to kill her own apprentice, after a firece battle between them, the Master finally can land a final blow at her Apprentice but she purposely let her apprentice live by leaving her Apprentice wounded at the Woods, after returning to the Queen showing she fullfil the order of executing her own apprentice to become Queen Guard. netherless this secret were exposed and she got murder cold blood by the Queen and the Apprentice is on the run. AKA our new class).


Bloodmoon templar primary weapon including Rapier, Claw and Katar Blade but their most unique and deadly weapon is their Chain Cape with Sharp Blade or Claws when they in combat mode by activating their cape system the chain claw on their cape fell down the ground and when they start movement the cape follow how their movement and slicing enemy and foe according to their will.


All Templar Cape weight is 5x their own armor making their cape Claw/Blade system more efficiency on doing deadly blow, the cape is build from millions of joint Oridecon Spike chain, even enemy try to grab or get a hold of their cape will get slice and bleed due to the ancient materials use to make the cape. When Bloodmoon Elvish walk, the cape drag on ground making a terrible frittening sound like a snake hissing sound effect causing more fear.

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I draw her using a PEN, no mistake or else the whole thing a mess, haha...well i did try to find a Pencil but the PEN is the greater choice.

Character Name WarGrace
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I can imagine something like Nobunaga from Basara 2 where he smacks the hell out of enemies using his cape


Or CODE:VEIN's Veil System where you can do various attacks with your Veil


Nonetheless, this is a good concept for a class. It would be great if PA decided to include this class in the future

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