Good Feed All Gone!
BabYHearT 2020-02-13 22:18
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Edit Date : 2020-02-13

Hi, does anyone know why all my good feed suddenly gone? Im doing my quest at the sea then when I check my inventory all my good feed are gone. Please someone can help? Also last time when I login my account my cat pet and bird pet also gone. Anyone can advise? 




Best Regards,


Character Name BabYHearT
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Edit Date : 2020-02-15

Hi, BabYHearT.


I believe this happened few times - to my friends, guildmates and other adventurers. This is the first I heard that even pet food (good feed) now is gone. I can't help with you about it but about your pet being missing, you need to go back to the last character you on and check them there. Usually it sticks to the same character when their stamina (hunger gauge) is empty so, you need to feed them and keep them in before changing character. I know it's a lots of works. It somehow a well-known bug/glitch.


Hope this helps.

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Edit Date : 2021-04-18

Did you beat your pets? That's why they left. I'm calling PETA.

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