Being a horse trainer, its a sad life choice.
Shirayukira 2020-06-05 17:51
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Firstly i wanna thank PA for this amazing game,
I really enjoyed it to a certain extend, i hope that you would look at this to make better choice in the future.

Im from Singapore i had to serve national service for 2 years,
BDO came to SEA around the same time i started my National Service, 

All my life during the 2 years all i could do is horse training/taming/breeding.... so i  mainly just afk horse training the weekdays and i catch horses on saturday then i move them to serendia before sunday night,
thats when i have to return to my camp/base...

even tho i wasnt technically playing the game i enjoy every small bit of it, i feel like i was making something, at the same time i was selling good horses i bred to my guild mates who are doing nodewars or joining other guild for it. it make me proud of what i am doing, supporting them in the game, and selling horses is unprofitable it never is profitable, people can just grind for a whole day maybe a week if they arent really pushing it and then they can buy a good horse ( Tier 7/8) where as we need to train like 1-2 days per horse( tier 6-7)
But i was happy then , being able to support the players , providing them with horses.

I was the first few i would say getting a Tier 8 with horrible breed rates but a few weeks after that you gave people free tier 7 horses, then after a few more weeks maybe a few months , everyone gets a free Tier 8 emblem...

When you guys roll out the higher breed rate event, i was kind of upset about it but i kinda look pass it because people still need to go out and get horses up before they can make use of this event right.... But Then.........
Recently people are all getting a free Tier 8 Pure white horse, 
and here i am standing in middle of heidel.... next to Morco... all these Tier 8 pure white horses everywhere,

it makes me question my 2 years of effort, it feels like i utterly did nothing for the 2 years just an empty void........

Please PA, just stop giving people Tier 8 horses, we maybe a small community of dedicated horse trainers but we are still players playing your game even tho we feel fustrated over what happened.... 
Thanks for reading....

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Edit Date : 2020-06-14

Tbh. I've been ranting them by sending tickets.

 You know what replies I got?


Like seriously they said.

Everything is RNG.


The sense of progress in this game is pure trash.


Imagine a prof 5 got more T8 courser than me who's already been Master.

It's pure bollox.


And they're giving too much to new players. Us, old ones felt like the things we've been doing are nothing. 

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Edit Date : 2020-06-17

Hi fellow trainer Shirayukira, I am a trainer myself. Like you, I am also dissappointed to PA for some aspects in the game, but not the aspects that you are talking about here.


I would agree with you if PA keep giving players free T7/T8 horses when the horse market itself is overloaded with horses, but since the current horse market is kinda short on horses, so I'm still fine when PA gave players free horses.


Also, selling horses to imperial sometimes is more profitable than to horse market (silver from imperial selling + exchange horse seals to Viper), so we are not depend on horse market alone.


Also, I like the last horse training event with higher breed rate, with the vouchers that can be exchanged to granverre gears. As a horse trainer, the event gives me more profit than usual. I am actually hoping for that kind of event to be held more frequently.



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The current state for horse market is kind of weird because there isn't any supply and high demand,

normal people would basically goes like lets just sell horses since there is so much demand, but not really because the prices of the horses is quite low and most of us like you said here : 
"Also, selling horses to imperial sometimes is more profitable than to horse market (silver from imperial selling + exchange horse seals to Viper), so we are not depend on horse market alone." ~ ArwenEvenstar ,

Trainers would rather sell to imperial or change to viper overall,
a new concern that i kind of like felt recently is more of,
people thinking :
[Why waste time slowly training horses and breed to tier 8 when i can just wait until PA gives it to me?]

my concern is basically just a snowball affect where PA start giving consitantly free T7/T8 horses that people doesn't bother putting in the effort to make it there themselves, and basically there isn't a real use of this lifeskill "Training"

To this extend what about giving everyone free carracks? how does the people who do barter feels.... just a different context but its similar... abit extreme i feel but yea thats like how i feel about the situation... >_<

Thanks for commenting you two!

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FeedbackTopicBeing a horse trainer, its a sad life choice.

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