PVP Matchmaking System
Swiftblades 2020-06-20 05:45
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Edit Date : 2020-06-20

Is it possible for pvp players to have a match making system where 2 individual queue for a duration of time to setteup in Arena for 1v1 match? The winner earn point and have a show casing of points on ranking system, imagine the bragging rights they'll have. Despite having Battle Arena or Red Battlefield, we either fight players with undergeared or way overgeared. It would be really nice if you could implented a system where we get to fight a player who has the same gear scored as us. As for the players who decided to join into this warfare, let there be a reward where they receive weekly or monthly averaging on where they're sitting on the ranks. It doesn't really have to be a 1v1, heck you might even add 2v2 or 3v3. The more the merrier where your could invite your friends and guild mates into the match making system, let the system balance their Gear score to decide who they're fighting agaisnt.

Okay the end. 

Character Name Swiftblades
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Edit Date : 2020-06-21

in another word, like moba games. they have a ranked system. Dota2/LoL

Character Name Swiftblades
Main Character Musa
Lv 62
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