Family Name Change Coupon & Name Change Coupon
Branca 2020-07-12 12:40
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Edit Date : 2020-07-12

Hello there,


When we buy "Family Name Change Coupon" or "Name Change Coupon" and use it,

it feels totaly like gambling with your idea and others idea (to know if your idea is already taken by someone else or not).


With this mechanism, I think improvement can be made in order to gives us (as customer) more convenience :

1. Additional button for "Check name" -> In order to gives us more information if the name that we want to change (new one) already taken or not, BEFORE clicking "Change" (which as I said above, it's like gambling)


As we know that currently BDO has a really Huge number of players, I believe this button function (to check name availability) will relevant to be considered in the future.


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Edit Date : 2020-07-14

wait... changing name using coupon could fail? And still used up the coupon?

i never use that thing.

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Edit Date : 2020-07-29

Ooh about this, there's a method that I'm currently using, by going to webpage and search friends to check your desired name. Back to the topic, yes I think a check name could help alot.

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