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Silvea 2021-01-27 14:01
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Edit Date : 2021-01-27

i'd probably draw flak for suggesting this but i'll try anyway.


hoping PA would make the dye boxes not RNG. Like you can pick shades from that box. Also have a different box for bleaches? 
technically offering players 2 options: get permanent dyes or subscription type of dyes (if you're vain and wanna change your outfit dyes every now and then). 

i know this would affect the earning for the cash shop, but this game has too much RNGs even dyes will annoy the heck out of you.


anyways its not much of a game changer, but i hope PA would consider. at least let us enjoy even just this bit.


p.s: pls give option to hide pets from houses

p.p.s: pls add dance emotes >: ( for more roleplay fun 

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Edit Date : 2021-01-27

I see Beauty and I'm drawn to it!


A lot of people want this. It's not like they will take away the Mervs palette completely, it's just giving options to the players.





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Edit Date : 2021-01-27

you know i stop spending money on this game because of RNG dye box! Stupid company...

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