Christine26 2021-04-07 18:39
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             Dev., If you read this text, would you mind remove the camera rotation from WASD when characters running.

           It's feels annoying to me, I don't know if other players mind this too. I want feel the game like other 3rd person games..


           please... remove please... I think those movements looks like for a gamepad user.. but we pc players only used keyboard and mouse..


           And also I checked the settings too, well it can't be change, even if I switch to gamepad, but nothing, back to keyboard, nothing again...


           Please, hear your players desire for this game. we really enjoy this game to much, but if the camera rotation is fixed, we really really appreciate it.


         Please Devs. For your players.

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Edit Date : 2021-08-14

I second this

Character Name Cathrynne
Main Character Lahn
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