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Ginnsan 2021-09-06 18:22
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Edit Date : 2021-09-06

Hey there, im Ken just feeling abit confused why there's no gifting features in this game.

sometime i do feel like this game need this features, i think many players are waiting for this and its one of thing i really want for my friends

they helped me alot with this game so i feel like to give them reward. Thank you :D

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Edit Date : 2021-10-28

Well definitely not for non-pearl items since events give out good stuff often and players will abuse this mechanic. Gifting items tagged as "bought by Pearls" would be a good feature like they had in the past but players might exploit the 1-time purchase of bonus Pearl boxes (ex. 330+330) by making two accounts and gifting stuff across those characters.

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Edit Date : 2021-10-28

There was a steam gift long ago where u can gift "value packs" but players exploited it so. its a no. There are a lot of function that has good intentions but there are players who exploits stuff in game.

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