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Ivybun 2018-02-06 23:39
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Edit Date : 2018-02-06

Lets kick off with breeding rate to start with, I hope this will gather statistics and information from the higher level breeders.

First - Server Breeding Rate

This is extremely important for breeders to know, because it affects probability A LOT.


Below ____link is the only source I found on breeding, with very few stats, but I hope this thread can start getting inputs from everyone in our SEA server


I will start off with my own theory and info, which I also posted it on the above Reddit thread


My post from Reddit thread

I will contribute with my information, lets keep this alive so we can gather statistics. Current my 100% range estimate for our server breed rate is 6 - 9 inclusive.

Why? simply because I submitted support ticket to GM asking what is the highest horse tier for SEA, the answer was simple - Tier 7. That puts the possible range at 6 - 9 for Breeding range. (if you don't understand, 10 would give Tier 8 M as a probability, 5 would NOT give tier 6 Female at all, which makes the range 6 - 9.. try it on the calculator to check, its simple logic. I hope it clears up the rumour that the rate is NOT 3 )

Now onto my own stats: Level 30 T3 + T3 = 3 T4 females (breed twice + exchange) L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T4 Female L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T5 Male

Obviously, I have many more tries on my trained horses xD, but I'm waiting for more stats first from this community. Let's keep this thread alive please.

From my own stats and the ones posted above, my best estimate for server breed rate is 6-7 (i'm quite sure its not at 8, or else this thread would have some better breed results, including my own)


Breeding Statistics So Far - Small sample still but looks to be more consistent with Breeding Rate of 6/7 (I'm more inclined to go with 6 from the stats below)

Level 30 T3 + T3 = 3 x T4 females

L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T4 Female

L30 T4 Male + L29 T4 Female = T5 Male

T2 lvl 28 + T2 lvl 29 = T3 Female

T2 lvl 28 + T2 lvl 29 = T3 Female

T4 F + T4M (Both 25+) =  2 x T4 Female + 1 x T4 Male

T3 + T3 = 3 x T4 male

Character Name Ivybun
Main Character Ranger
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Thanks for the info! I really wish gm/devs would be more clear about things like this, but it's the norm with this game.
2018-02-07 09:31
Thank you so much! I'm still slowly leveling up my horses so I don't have statistical information to add yet but this greatly informs my breeding plans.
2018-02-07 09:56
Great info, really wish i knew that breeding rate stil so low,
recently breeding Tier 4 (Female 29) + Tier 4 ( Male 23 ), and became disaster because i got TIER 4 MALE
2018-02-07 14:50
that just happened yesterday, bad mood to the max, not touching BDO for a day, even worse, Sprint skill so rare, Female horses is extinct, i give up breeding horses
2018-02-07 14:52
lol breeding horse is complete waste of time.. unless we got adjusted increase rate like NA/EU
better go for horse race get seal and trade horse box for T7-T8.. so still racing > breeding lol
2018-02-07 16:33
i've got a t6 female from a t5 lvl 30 male + t5 lvl 30 female. Subsequent attempts churned out another male and female t5.. Breeding rate definitely don't seem to be 3. I reckon it's a 6 minimum.
2018-02-07 21:39
3 of my T3 + T3 gave me 3 T4 males. They were lv26 & 27
2018-02-08 06:40
from breeding T1 u can get to T3 (both lv.30),
breeding T2 u can get to T4 horse (both lv.30),
but when I breed T3 horse (both lv.30), its so hard to get T5 horse, and didnt get it yet, always get T4
2018-02-09 08:38
today i got T5 female from T5 male and T3 female (both lv.30)
2018-02-11 00:13
I've bred T3 male lvl 21+T3 female lvl 22 and got T3 female. Then I exchanged it and still got T3 female. So the breeding rate must be 6-8 not 9 unless I hit 4% chance twice in a row.
2018-02-11 14:56
Recently breeding result ( all 30lv)
T2 + T2 = T4 (M)
T2 + T2 = T4 (F)
T4 + T4 = T4 (F)
T4 + T4 = T5 (F)
T4 + T4 = T6 (M)
2018-02-12 10:35
Still lvling 19 of my T3 horses that I got from the wilderness and few exchanges, haven't really bred at all but
2x T1 30 + 2x T1 30 = 1 T3 Male and 1 T3 Female
1x T3 30(F) + 1x T3 24(M) = 1 T4 Male
2018-02-14 09:17
Here's mine so far (all level 30)
T2 + T2 (twice) = 2X T4 FEMALE
T3 + T3 = T4 FEMALE
2018-02-16 08:16
Another T3 lv28 & 27 = T4 Male. sad
2018-02-17 23:08
2 X T3 + T3 (both lvl 29) = 2x T5(M)
2018-02-19 22:20
T5 30(M) + T2 30(F) = T5 (M)
T5 30(M) + T2 30(F) = T5 (F)
2018-02-22 09:46
T3 28(M) + T3 28(F) = T4(M) (x2)
T3 28(M) + T3 28(F) = T4(F)
T3 10(M) + T3 28(F) = T3(F)
T3 10(M) + T3 28(F) = T4 (M)
T3 28(M) + T3 28(F)= T5(M)
i believe the breeding rate is 7 at the moment
2018-02-22 12:20
T3 30 + T4 30 = T6(M) & T4(F)
Can confirm the breeding rate is at least 7 or above
2018-03-03 05:38
T5 30(M) + T5 30(F) = T6(F)
2018-03-03 15:30
I've just got a T6(F) from exchanging 2 lv30 T4s.
Breed rate is now at least 8 (since node war patch)
2018-03-06 08:47
T5 24 (F) (1 death) + T5 24 (M) = T6(F)
2018-03-06 20:11
T5 28 (M) + T4 (F) = T5 (M) Breed
T5 28 (M) + T4 (F) = T5 (F) Breed
T5 28 (M) + T4 (F) = T5 (F) Exchange
2018-03-12 10:21
I've been using and it states on there that for SEA server, breeding rate is 9, I've been following it and I got 2 t6's, M and F from L29 T5 M + L25 T4 F.
2018-03-14 15:18
It says the breed rate is "probably 9 until increased in patch" meaning unconfirmed unless PA decides to tell us the exact value.

Based on people's contribution, the current breed rate is at least 8.
2018-03-14 16:18
ah, well then, my bad.. but at least at breeding rate 8, I got 2 t6's out of it.. aint complaining
2018-03-14 20:38
A few days ago i breed
T4 30 (M) + T4 30 (F) = T5 (M)
then i exchange it became T6 (M)
2018-03-15 17:10
Just bred my first pair of horses today and got :
T3 30 (M) + T3 30 (F) = T6 (M)
T3 30 (M) + T3 30 (F) = T5 (M)
Breeding rate assumed to be at least 8, similarly stated in previous posts.
2018-03-16 00:20
Bred 2 t6's
T6E 30 (M) + T6I 27 (F):
1st attempt = T5J (F)
2nd attempt (Female Breed reset) = T7C (M)
Exchanged both T6 = T5D (F)
2018-03-17 14:57
Bred 5 or 6 pairs of T5s LVL 30. Breeding and exchange.
Been getting T5 Male and Female and rarely T6. Like just 2 or 3
2018-03-25 10:42
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