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cbt tester win! GG
Pongertz 2017-11-21 14:48
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Edit Date : 2017-11-21

Nickname Pongertz
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1 thing .. it said only 50 limited package for tester.. from what i know everyone gets it .. i think the website is still bugged
2017-11-21 14:50
yeah i think all people who sign up will win to be cbt tester :D
2017-11-21 14:54
2016 hahah
2017-11-21 15:08
currently, it got overload. Even nicknames got messed up. I already purchased but it said I didn't sign for CBT, what the...?
2017-11-21 15:08
I would love to try and check out the game before buying it, but now no chances huh.
2017-11-21 15:12
Rylie, it will be free to play when it comes out and there will be an Open Beta Test that anyone can try later on.
2017-11-21 17:51
Any proof that its free-to-play?
2017-11-21 23:30
@Rylie search for guest pass and play for 7 days
2017-11-23 10:20
FeedbackTopiccbt tester win! GG

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