Purchased Acoins but did not receive
INSYNC 2017-11-21 17:39
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Edit Date : 2017-11-21

Purchased 2400 Acoins but did not receive any at all.

It does not even reflect in the transaction history.

Nickname INSYNC
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2017-11-21 19:25
6 hours ago. Till now still no Acoins.
2017-11-21 20:10
you should contact the costumer support
2017-11-21 20:46
I'm having the same problem.
Did you, by any chance, just used "Paypal Balance" to pay?

2017-11-21 21:48
Takes 6 hours for them to reply.
And when they did, they tell me they fixed it and told me to check my balance again.
Another 4 more hours, total 10 hours now, my Acoins balance still 0.
2017-11-22 00:29
Yeah Shinyuu I used paypal
2017-11-22 00:29
Guess they are having a system glitch in connection with Paypal Balance. I have a friend with me who bought Acoin just earlier using MOL and he said it was fine.
2017-11-22 00:38
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