SkyGT 2017-11-21 17:59
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Edit Date : 2017-11-21

if i purchase a package and bound it to a character will it still become bonded to my character or the item from my package will be stored again in my web storage after CBT? how about the cash shop and pearl that i spent during cbt ?

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read the news and notice board you'll know your answer. it's not that hard
2017-11-21 18:07
why the hell are these people so lazy? if they put their time looking they could have solved their problem easily, but no, gotta ask on forums! sick of seeing topic liek this also like when cbt blabla
2017-11-21 18:24
still, all the announcement they gave isn't clear enough
2017-11-21 18:44
You will receive pearls again after the official opening (OBT).
2017-11-22 00:29

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