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ArtOfNuke 2018-11-01 13:11
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So I have logged on for at least 2 weeks now. I have a level 54 mystic. But today when I logged in the game asks me to buy the package. How did this happen? The event will end 2 weeks from now. I'm really confused

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reach your character to lvl 56. it is written on the event page that you will need to lvl up to 56.
the event is from 17 October ~ 13 November , the Guest pass coupon are extended to 14 days , and in order to get the permanent access to Black Desert Online ( Game pass) , You will need to complete the 2 mission which is login for 7 days and reach level
56 with any class within the guest pass period

in your case , it seems like you failed to complete the second mission within the guest pass period ( 14 days during the event )
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