Game Freeze in RBF
Millennium 2018-11-03 22:36
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Edit Date : 2018-11-03

Hello PA,

My game freezes after i press the "Ressurrect" button when my toon dies in rbf. It happens occasionally EVERYDAY..
I don't get to fully enjoy 20mins worth of rbf time ..the game would freeze after pressing the revive button.
Only and specifically whenever i click the Revive button after death..this happens everyday.
Not all the time.. but it happens everyday.
I don't need any customer support, i just need you to be aware of that.
I've tried reinstalling, checking files, checked my RAM etc. It still happens..
ONLY..when i press the revive button.
Is it so much of a coincidence that it only happens after pressing the revive button only?
There's definitely.. something wrong on ur end.
Goodluck PA.


Character Name Millennium
Main Character Kunoichi
Lv 52
Hi Millennium,
We're sorry to know that you had experienced this issue about the game while you were in the Red Battlefield. Please use this __link to send us a ticket. We'd be happy to help you.
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