[PROBLEM]stop awakened rednose
Einsteine 2018-11-04 20:04
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I go to the first npc named Ray Deckards, and i proceed to the quest which i mentioned in the title, and when i go to the navigation there is no rednose in the place and Ray Deckards dont give me any scrolls... i spend so much time to research about it but i just found outdated event similar to it. And nothings work...... what the heck is is this quest.

Character Name Einsteine
Main Character Warrior
Lv 56
Greetings Einsteine,
We're sorry to know that you can't finish your quest. Please use this __link to send us a ticket for us to properly assist you with your concern.
I think the GM misunderstood your question/problem. To do the quest, you need to collect your own scroll and summon Awakened Red Nose, and then kill it. You can get scroll pieces once a day from the Black Spirit and combining five of them will get you
a summon scroll. I'm not sure when the daily quest for the pieces unlocks but if you've been doing the story you should have it now.

Alternative, what I recommend much more is to make an alternate character and run through the story with it until you reach Velia. En route, you'll find yourself at Western Guard Camp at which point you can do the much, MUCH easier Pre-Lvl55 version of the
quest which is doable for even very low level characters and takes at most 30 minutes to complete. On top of this, when you reach Velia, you'll have an alternate character which is super useful for a ton of different things.

Good luck!
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