"Please try again" error for CS
- 2018-12-03 06:15
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Edit Date : 2018-12-10

I've been trying again and again and again and again, to not avail, used different browser, clear cache and all my prawn site bookmark all gone, 
AND STILL CAN'T FREAKING USE THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT function. What the heil is going on here eh?

Edited: Apparently when you type a long arse essay, the website doesn't seem to be able to accept the inquiry for customer support. Well well well, good measure I'd say to prevent irrelevant details. 

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While I agree that customer support is **** they can't help you with this selling for pearls/pearl items I think is against their TOS. It's just a risk you take next time maybe ask for pearls first safer for you at least even if the people at world chat
will mock you for it.
2018-12-04 14:14
FeedbackTopic"Please try again" error for CS

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