Jamill 2018-12-03 21:00
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Edit Date : 2018-12-03

It just crashes after clicking the resu tab(tried waiting for few secs but still to no avail).I looked for a fix, turned all settings to VERY LOW. When will you ever fix this ? I wasted so much time to get that 200 energy.

Character Name Jamill
Main Character Warrior
Lv 56
Hi Jamill,
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please send us a ticket via so we can properly assist you with regard to your game crash issue.
2018-12-04 12:50
they'll tell you to clear your cache and if that doesn't work they'll say we are sorry bla bla bla we have forwarded this issue to the appropriate department sorry for inconvenience please be patient bla bla bla <-------- every bug I sent them it's always
like this
2018-12-04 14:06
The post was deleted.

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