Why do we have a shitty forum software?
PNKMLKS 2017-11-01 14:21
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Edit Date : 2017-11-01

Unlike the NA version, why do we got this garbage?


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doesent seem too bad
NA site, as you probably know, are ran and maintained by the publisher (Kakao) not Pearl Abyss. The publisher has put time and money into the site whereas PA just uses the same template for every site
better thn nothing i guess
Lets just hope the server is better
1 domain with many sub domain XD
Makes using these forums hard to read, the NA/EU is much better but I'm not complaining. Hope the servers are ran better than NA/EU and the forums mods are a class higher. Most are not bad but some r.
FeedbackTopicWhy do we have a shitty forum software?

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