Red Battlefield Crashing upon revival
DarthRiot 2019-05-13 16:18
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Edit Date : 2019-05-13

GM's, kindly check out why this is occuring.. crashing upon clicking the revive button in Red Battlefield, a lot of players are having these kinds of issues. 

One suggesstion,  having a reconnect button to RBF when disconnected could be a great help and a temporary solution, if the said issue would take some time to get fixed.

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Hello DarthRiot.

We understand that you have experienced an issue that causes the game to crash when clicking on "Revive" while you are in the Red Battlefield. We kindly advise sending us a ticket at and our team will provide
further support.

We will also take note of your suggestion about adding a Reconnect to Red Battlefield button when getting disconnected to have it checked for further review and possible consideration.

We hope to hear from you soon.
2019-05-14 15:44
@GM_Calpheon what happens now? its about a week now since I sent u guys the ticket regarding the issue. no updates, no messages on maybe how to fix, no effort, no nothing? I have lost hundreds of millions of silver caused by this crashing issue.. it's
really frustrating.
2019-05-23 21:45
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Edit Date : 2019-11-06

I've been having the exact same problem... and its November 2019 now since DarthRiot's issues.


I tried going to the link you gave him:


but all it does is takes me to another BDO homepage




Otherwise its truly pointless playing BDO if you can't enjoy PVP

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 Hi SabreTron ..

i don't know if this would work on you, but you can try lower your graphic settings to "Low/Very Low" in BDO and enable low-power options"
that trick still work on me until now and the game never crash anymore everytime i resurrect on RBF

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Edit Date : 2019-11-07

Instead of the funny LINK the webpage provide.


try in game support.

Press B for Mail then SUPPORT, it will take you to


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Edit Date : 2019-11-08

Hi Leeoni,


Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately I've tried all posibilities to maximize performance including customizing the settings to the lowest possible. It does reduce the rate of crashing, however it still crashes even at a lower rate. And the saddest part about RBF is that when you're disconnected you cant get back into that round... which result to time wasting.


In regard to the mail support.. It doesn't work. I've made a complaint about it in other topic about the fact that all the tickets I sent to support were all not sent. They didnt go to my list of pending tickets, resulting to no replies for months.


Any other suggestion please, anyone?

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Edit Date : 2019-11-13

Help GM help pls

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