Huge FPS Drops, 100% GPU Usage every 30s
SoraneeToh 2019-06-06 16:50
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Hey all. I usually play on Very High with 60 FPS consistently but since earlier yesterday (before the patch), my game started having MASSIVE FPS drops all the way down to less than 10 every 30s or so for roughly 3-5s. I checked usage, and realised this is happening because BDO jumps in GPU usage from ~70% to 100% and caps out every 30s or so (this is not normal) and then comes back to the normal value. 

Here are things I'VE ALREADY TRIED;
- Updating graphics drivers.
- Cleaning and reinstalling graphics drivers.
- Lowering game quality.
- Cleaning game files.
- Deleting all the files inside CL\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp.

None of the above worked. 

I have a laptop - Asus ROG Strix Scar II 15-inch 10 series that comes with the following; GTX1060 6GB, i7-8750H, 16GB of 2666MHz RAM and 144Hz IPS FHD screen.

This has made the game impossible to play and grinding is obviously impossible too - please help!


PS: Please don't ask me to talk to their customer service. I put in a ticket 8 hours ago and haven't gotten a response yet. :/

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Edit Date : 2019-06-06

Yeah same for me they just release patches that just seem to break more shit in their game.

I heard this game had memory leak issue as well been wasting my time trying to fix this shit luckily my issues isn't as bad as yours yet I can still play just having some stuttering issues.


Unfortunately though can't help you I still have the problem myself tried asking people at reddit and even the EU forums lol the customer service here is laughable.

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you probably have temperature problems. look at your laptop temperature while playing because it's probably really high since you're reaching 100% GPU usage.

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FeedbackTopicHuge FPS Drops, 100% GPU Usage every 30s

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